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Our Services

Whether you are an ambitious, entrepreneurial owner-managed business, a medium-sized corporate, a group of companies, or anything in between, let us assist you with all of your accounting and financial information related needs. 

Day-to-Day Accounting Processing

When you choose our team to handle your day-to-day accounting and processing needs, you receive more than our expertise and insight. You receive professional partners who work tirelessly to minimise your stress and ensure your financial health. We make use of the latest accounting software and technology to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of maintaining the financial information of your business.

Payroll and Statutory Submissions

The Accounting Cornerstone team is dedicated to staying up-to-date on all regulatory and legislative developments, both locally and nationally. When you hire us for Payroll  Support, you can count on receiving accurate guidance.

VAT Reconciliation and Submission

We apply careful due diligence in the preparation of VAT reports. Did you know that since 2011 the South African Revenue Services compares the Output and Input VAT declarations on your VAT201 submissions, to your information declared on your Annual Income Tax Returns? Don't get caught on the back foot, contact our team of Professional Accountants today.

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

Many clients hire us for Annual Financial Statement preparation and analysis. We pride ourselves on filing all related legal and statutory requirements on time, and keeping you updated every step of the way.

Supplementary CIPC, Workmen's Compensation and UIF

Our range of expertise includes secretarial services related to the Companies Intellectual and Properties Commissions, Department of Labour Workmen's Compensation and Unemployment Insurance Fund annual reconciliations and returns.

Specialised Strategic and Administrative Services

Our team of qualified Accountants are skilled in due diligence investigations, business and company valuations, sale negotiations and even business plans for financing applications.

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